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“Personal style is not a fad, it’s a way of life” is the mantra of Suki Mattu Brown, British born Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper now living in the Bay Area. Known for her keen sense of style and fashion, Suki’s passion lies in assisting men and women achieve success through their image and wardrobe. She believes that the image you project should be as true to yourself as possible. Looking your best will help you achieve your best!



Dressing yourself in clothes that not only make you look good, but also make you feel good creates a harmonious flow within your true self. This in return will project a very likeable and confident manner, which people automatically migrate towards.

She believes that everyone has the potential of possessing their own unique sense of personal style no matter what they do for a living.  Whether they are stay at home moms or corporate executives, Suki dedicates her self to assisting clients in achieving their full potential and prides her self on making it a relaxed and enjoyable experience without the intimidation factor one can often find in some department stores. 

Most importantly she believes that one can achieve a level of style without breaking the bank. Quite often Suki has clients who say “I have nothing to wear, yet I have a closet full of clothes”…Suki is an expert in evaluating clients closets and assisting in creating outfits that mix and match, quite often leaving clients surprised that they own outfits that they never even thought they had!

With 15 years of experience in the fashion industry, and operating an apparel and accessories company in London, Suki has a firm footing within the industry. Her international, globetrotting flare for style contributes to her makeover successes, making her highly sought after by her clientele. She was formally educated as an image and style consultant with the Sterling Style Academy.


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